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 Dr. Theresa C. Fleming, O.D., F.A.A.O., Esq.   Board Certified, American Board of Optometry

Optometric Physician and Attorney at Law:

Therapeutic Optometry, Glaucoma Management, Eye Examinations, Contact Lens fittings.  

The Law services are available.

James F. Fleming, New Jersey Optician and Notary Public

As a NJ Licensed Optician, Jim Fleming, always provides eyewear custom made for you made to the highest standards and measurements.  The lenses are FDA approved.

Over 1,000 frames on display!

Contact Lenses are always procured directly from the contact lens pharmacy; since we are authorized distributors.

Notary Public Services

We are located at 101 N. Broadway (RT49), Pennsville,  New Jersey 08070

Monday 9 to 5; Tuesday 9 to 5; Wednesday 1:30 to 9; Thursday 9 to 1:30 & Friday 9 to 5.

Kindly call 856-678-2288 to confirm, since we will attempt to be open the above posted hours, but cannot guarantee that we will be open. We are closed for many of the holidays, vacation time and for Dr.Fleming's required 136 hours of continuing education every 3 years. 

List of Continuing Education for Optometric Physicians given by Dr. Fleming:

LECTURES: Medications & Legal Issues for the Eyecare Professional: NJSBO 7-2008 0.5 ORAL TPA + 0.5 TPA + 2 REG given   02/04/2008 South Jersey Optometric Society; 04/21/2008 West Jersey Optometric Society; 05/13/2008 Hudson County Society of Optometric Physicians.  Medical & Legal Issues for the Eyecare Professional: NJSBO 84-2008 1.0 Oral TPA + 0.5 TPA + 1.5 Reg 10/21/2008 Essex County Optometric Society.   Diagnosis and Treatment of Eye Disease-Legal Issues: 1.0 Reg 04/19/2009 Nevyas Eye Assoc.;  Triage - Medical & Legal Issues: NJSBO 7-2010 1.0 Reg 01/18/2010 Monmouth Ocean Society of Optometric Physicians; Medical & Legal Issues For the Practicing Optometric Physician: NJSBO 18-2010 Reg 2 hours CE 03/25/2010 Eye Care of Delaware; Vitamins & ARMD+Legal Issues for the Optometric  Physician: NJSBO 98-2010 1 h oral tpa + 1 h reg given 12/20/2010 West  Jersey Optometric Physicians Society.

Dr.Fleming's licenses:27OM00057500 + 27OA00413000; James Fleming:1668