The OPTICAL is open.

 Jim Fleming, a NJ licensed Optician, is offering 50 to 60% all frames.

Jim Fleming is located at 101 North Broadway; Pennsville, NJ  Salem County

Phone: 856-678-2288

Office hours: Monday: 9 to 5; Tuesday CLOSED; Wednesday 1 to 7; Thursday CLOSED; Friday 9 to 5

Kindly call to confirm we are in the office since there are times we are not open during the hours posted above.

As before, all eyeglass lenses will be fabricated in a New Jersey optical lab, where all who work on your glasses MUST be New Jersey licensed.

This is for your safety.

Dr. Theresa C. Fleming is no longer seeing patients.  The medical records can be obtained after May 5th, 2023 from Morgan Records Solutions in New Hampshire.

The absolute honor of being an eye doctor to such wonderful people is someting forever to be cherished!

Thank you! Theresa